Who are the typical plaintiffs in a dram shop action or liquor liability case?

Plaintiffs in liquor liability cases, who are they? Most people think that the only plaintiffin a liquor liability case is going to be the person who was injured by a drunk driver. That’s not really true, that’s one plaintiff. The other plaintiff, let’s say a bar sold alcohol to a kid. The kid goes out and hurts somebody else. Who can sue that bar? Well number one, the person who got hurt. Also, the kid, why? Kids have to be protected from themselves. That’s why nobody’s allowed to sell liquor to anybody who’s under 21. Sell liquor to somebody who’s under 21, really likely they’re going to do something stupid and they’re going to hurt themselves or they’re going to hurt somebody else. So anybody who gets hurt because of selling alcohol to a minor can sue that bar.

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