Who are the typical defendants in a dram shop action or liquor liability case?

If somebody gets hurt in an alcohol-related incident, who is going to be held accountable for it? You go to most lawyers, they would tell you if it is a drunk-driving case, you sue the drunk driver and you sue the bar. I think that is a bad idea. I don’t think you should do that and I’ll tell you why. If a bar served knowingly an alcoholic or they knowingly served a minor, the last thing we want to do for that bar is do them the favor of letting them blame their bad conduct on somebody else. In other words, think about it this way. If I give a box of matches and a gallon of gasoline to a pyromaniac, what is going to happen? Probably a big fire. Then, if somebody sues the pyromaniac and me, I get to say, “Why is everybody picking on me? I didn’t light the fire. All I did was give the gasoline and the matches to the pyromaniac.” That is why we just sue the bar.


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