I was injured by someone who I think was drunk but they were not issued a ticket. Do I have recourse?

If you get injured by somebody that you think was drunk but they were not issued a ticket, they weren’t arrested for whatever reason, you still have recourse. You’re not going to be able to count on law enforcement to prove that the person was drunk, because law enforcement didn’t do it. You’re going to have to find somebody else to help you prove that the person was drunk. This is what lawyers are actually good for. We can prove that the person was drunk, usually by circumstantial evidence and we’re going to have to rely on circumstantial evidence because we don’t have blood, we don’t have breath. Why? Because the cops didn’t take it. A lot of different ways to prove that a person was drunk. The best way is usually by the way the person was driving. If they were driving in a crazy way, which drunk people usually do, that’s pretty good circumstantial evidence that they were drunk. If they came from a bar, and they were there for three hours before this accident happened,that’s pretty good evidence that they were drinking. Because who goes to a bar except to drink? Who goes to a barber shop who doesn’t want a haircut?

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