My wife was involved in a car accident with a drunk driver who had just left a bar. Is there any way to sue the bar?

One situation I hear about all the time. Somebody gets in an accident, they get hit by somebody who had just left a bar and then the question always is, “Well, can we sue the bar? Do we have a claim against the bar?” The answer is, “Maybe.” Two ways bars can be held accountable in Florida. One, they knowingly serve somebody who is a minor, or they served somebody that they knew was an alcoholic. If they did either of those things, then they can definitely be held accountable. How do you know those things? Well, the minor part, if somebody’s a minor, that’s easy. Whether the person who caused the wreck was an alcoholic, that’s a more difficult question, a more complicated question, and that takes some investigation to sort that out.


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