What is comparative negligence?

There’s a legal term that gets thrown around you’re going to hear once you’re involved in the civil justice process, it’s called comparative negligence. We’re just comparing who’s at fault here. Am I mostly at fault? Is the other person mostly at fault? It’s a comparison of who is at fault. Some situations, maybe I wasn’t at fault at all and the other person was 100% at fault. Maybe I was partially at fault and they were partially at fault. Could be, 10, 90%, those sorts of things. How do you figure out the exact percentage? There’s no real formula for the way to do it, just know that the insurance is always going to say that the accident much more your fault than really is the case. The insurance company tells you you’re 40% at fault, but you might be 10 or 20% at fault. That’s a decent rule of thumb.

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