Can the severity of a brain injury be measured?

We get into these brain injury cases and everybody always wants to know, “Is there a way to measure the severity of a brain injury?” How do you know how bad it is? Well, it’s not like a fever where you just put a thermometer in somebody’s mouth and then you know exactly how bad the fever is. It’s not that precise, but Neuropsychologists have a way to measure through a series of tests that they do, cognitive function, memory, all these different things that go into the human mind.

There are people, they are Psychologists by trade, but they have special training in what’s called Neuropsychology. Those are the people to evaluate traumatic brain injuries and to actually tell us how severe is this? How long is it going to last? What if anything can be done to help this person’s quality of life and functionality improve? All of those things can be measured. It takes somebody with a lot of training and really, really smart to do it, but yeah, it can get done.

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