Can I file a brain injury lawsuit on behalf of a loved one?

We’ve got a situation where somebody we really care about, a loved one, a family member, has a brain injury. They have a law suit to file, but they can’t file it themselves because they’re hurt so badly. Can you do it for them? The answer is absolutely yes.

Under those situations, we have what’s called a Guardianship that’s formed. It’s something that a court has to order, and under those circumstances absolutely you can forward. We see it all the time. If it’s a situation where the person, before being injured, gave somebody else a general power of attorney – that’s what’s called Durable – then you’d be able to file a law suit for them without going to court.

Best thing to do is check with the lawyer and just find out exactly what you need to do in order to get the law suit filed. But the answer? Absolutely. You can go to bat for your loved one, and make sure that the right thing gets done.

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