What can I do if I have a problem with my auto insurance company?

Sometimes, we have problems with our own insurance companies. Either they don’t want to pay what we think our claim is worth or they’re slow in paying the claim, those sorts of things. Well, if it’s your own insurance company in Florida, to get them to move, you’re going to have to file what’s called a Civil Remedy Notice of Insurer Violation. You can do this yourself if you just go on the worldwide web and search, “Florida Civil Remedy Notice of Insurer Violation.” There’s a form that you have to fill out. It has the address where you need to send it. If you have trouble filling out the form, you may need a lawyer to help you, but you don’t have to have a lawyer, so get the form Civil Remedy Notice of Insurer Violation. It will tell you how to fill it out and where to send it. Do that, you can probably get your insurance company to be a little more reasonable.

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