How will I pay my expenses while I wait for a settlement after a drunk driving accident case?

One of the toughest things that we run across is a scenario where somebody’s been hurt by a drunk driver or they’ve been hurt and really any kind of accident. They’re not able to work because they’ve been hurt and the question is, “How am I going to pay my expenses because the rent doesn’t stop being due. The electrical doesn’t stop being due. I still have to buy groceries, feed myself and feed my kids. What am I going to do?” Well under your auto insurance plan you’re going to have a right to wage replacement. If you were on the job even if you’re not suing your employer your employer didn’t do anything wrong, you’d have a right to wage replacement under the workers’ compensation coverage. Some employers have short-term disability insurance for their employees. Bottom line, check with your auto insurance company. Tell them you want wage replacement benefits and check with your employer, your human resources department and ask if you have a disability insurance policy. Those are the first two places to go.

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