If my child hosts a party while I am away, can I still be held liable?

You can be held liable if your child hosts a party while you’re away, if you should have known that your kid was going to host a party. I’ve had situations in my career where parents have gone away; they’ve gone out of town and left their kids alone for the weekend. Then what happens? The kids throw a party, they have all their friends over, they’re all drinking, something bad happens as it almost always does when high schoolers are drinking. Then I’ve heard the parents say, “Well look, I was out of town. I didn’t know.”

Look, your kid had a DUI last year, and your kid’s been suspended from school twice for drinking, and the cops have been out to your house three times for parties. If you didn’t know that your kid was going to throw a party when you went out of town then you’re the only one who didn’t know. So you’re going to be accountable for that.

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