The other driver’s auto insurance company wants me to sign a release on my injury claim. How long can I delay this?

When the other drivers insurance company wants you to sign what’s called a release, first understand what a release is. A release means that the case is over, meaning whatever claim you have is over the instant you sign that release. You’re selling that insurance company a release. If you’re going to sell that release just make sure that you’re getting what that release is actually worth. What’s it worth? It’s worth an amount of money that will cover whatever harm was done to you personally and to your property. If you don’t want to sign the release because you haven’t been offered enough money to cover the harm that was done to you, then don’t sign the release. Once you do, even if it was a bad decision, it was your decision and it’s permanent. If you’re not sure whether to sign it, my suggestion is you talk to a lawyer.

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