How are drunk driving accidents different from regular car accidents?

Drunk driving accidents on one hand. Regular car accidents on the other hand. What’s the big difference? The main difference between drunk driving accidents and regular car accidents is what we say for drunk driving is it’s actually not an accident. Somebody drank on purpose. They knew that they were drinking. That’s something they did on purpose. After that person drank they got in a motor vehicle car. That was not an accident. They did that on purpose. They took the key in the ignition, turned it on, put the thing in drive and hit the road. All of those things they did on purpose. They knew that they had been drinking when they did all of those things so it’s not actually an accident. All of that is on purpose. That’s a much different situation than somebody who just doesn’t see a traffic light and rear-ends somebody in front of them. That’s not intentional. Drunk driving, that’s on purpose and that’s a big problem.


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