Can a private individual be sued if a minor is served alcohol and later injures or kills someone in an auto accident?

Here’s a scenario. There’s a party. It’s at a private residence and at that party, they give alcohol to minors, that they let minors drink alcohol that the kids bring themselves. Can they be sued for it? Heck yeah, they can be sued for it. There’s even a special statute in Florida and it’s called the open party law or open house party law. Bottom line is this, you’re not allowed, nobody is allowed to sell alcohol to minors knowingly. Nobody is allowed to give alcohol to minors knowingly. Why, because we know that minors can’t be trusted to drink alcohol responsibly. It’s the whole reason we don’t let them drink so somebody sells or gives alcohol to a minor and they know that person’s a minor, heck yeah, they can be sued and they can be held accountable for that.

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