Can a brain injury occur if a victim does not lose consciousness?

One of the questions that I get all the time in head injury cases is, “Well can a person even have a head injury or a traumatic brain injury if they didn’t lose consciousness?”

Well first of all, we’ve got to understand what losing consciousness means. I used to think it meant somebody gets completely knocked out cold, put to sleep like in a boxing match where their eyes are shut and they’re just down for the count, we used to call it. That’s not what doctors consider loss of consciousness. Doctors say it’s a loss of consciousness if the person sees stars, their ears are ringing, they lose their balance, those sorts of things. It’s not a complete loss of consciousness, but what it is it’s a loss of normal consciousness. Anytime somebody sees stars, hears bells, those sorts of things, doctors would tell us that’s a loss of consciousness.

Absolutely, somebody can suffer a traumatic brain injury in those situations.

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