An auto insurance company is not offering to pay all of my damages on a liability claim. What can I do?

When an auto insurance company is saying they’re not going to pay all of your damages, first thing to understand is, that’s most of the time what insurance companies do. It happens very, very frequently. Stick to your guns. You’re entitled to get compensated for all of the harm that you suffer; not 90% of the harm; not 95% of the harm. 100% of the harm.

Think about it this way. If you’ve got a cell phone like I’ve got a cell phone, when my cell phone bill is due, I’m responsible for paying 100% of it. I don’t get to call the cell phone company and say, “Well, you know, that seems like a lot this month. I’m just going to pay 95% of it.” No. The debt is whatever the debt is. Whoever owes the debt needs to pay the debt. If that’s the insurance company, they need to pay the debt; just like I have to pay mine and you got to pay yours.


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