What can I do if I disagree with the insurer’s valuation following my drunk driving accident?

There’s been a drunk-driving accident, the insurance company for the drunk driver, they evaluate the case one way, they have and a number in mind for what they think the case is worth. You don’t think that they’re right. You think that they’re wrong. Do you have to accept their number, their evaluation? Absolutely not, you don’t have to accept their number. You don’t have to accept their evaluation. Just tell them what your position is and it’s very simple, “Look, it’s your insured, the drunk driver that owes me this money, so I’m going to get my money from the drunk driver. If you’re not going to pay it I’m just going to sue him, and then the drunk driver can work it out with you about who is supposed to pay the bill, you or him. I don’t know what he bought insurance for if you’re not going to take care of it for him, but whatever that’s between you and him. I’m suing your insured.

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