How are the damages in my Florida drunk driving accident case computed?

Another way to say it is how much is a drunk driving case worth? How much does a drunk driver have to pay the victim? The answer is the drunk driver has to pay the victim for whatever harm was done. If that means replacing a car, that means replacing a car. How much does it cost to replace the car? It depends on what kind of car it is. If the victim used to work and can no longer work, that drunk driver is going to have to replace all of that income. The medical bills in the past, the medical bills in the future … All of those things if that harm was done, that drunk driver is going to be responsible for it. So how much? It depends on the harm. No amount is too little if the harm is too little. No amount is too great if the harm is really great. It could be 10 cents; it could be 10 million dollars. It all depends on the harm.

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