How long do 18-wheeler or semi-truck accident cases last in Florida. Do most cases settle or go to trial?

Most civil cases and most accident cases settle without a trial and Florida mediation is required. Every case has to go to a mediation. Mediation is where the person who was hurt and the person who was at fault get together with their lawyers, and a mediator who is certified by the Supreme Court of Florida, just strives to work together. Look at it this way, a mediator they can’t order the trucking company to do anything, they can’t order you to do anything, but they’re there to play what I call let’s make a deal and get the case settled. Most cases do settle in mediation. The thing to keep in mind for consumers is, you want to make sure that you pick a lawyer that has the capability, and the right training to take that case to trial if that’s what’s needed.

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