What compensation can be recovered in a dram shop lawsuit?

Dram shop lawsuits are lawsuits … Really, all it means is it’s a lawsuit against somebody that sells liquor. They’re in the business of selling liquor. That’s bars and restaurants, hospitality industry, that kind of thing. What kind of damages are recoverable for that? Very simple. It depends what harm was done because of the illegal sale of liquor. Whatever harm was done because of the illegal sale of liquor, that’s the harm that has to be made up for. The harm’s been done. Something’s been broken. Your life’s been interrupted. Your job’s been taken, or your car’s been wrecked, all these sorts of things. Whoever’s responsible for that, in this case, a bar, they’ve got to take care of every cent of that harm. Doesn’t matter if the harm done amounts to 25 cents, or 25 million dollars. That’s not the point. The principle is whatever harm is done, if it’s your fault, you’re going to have to make it good.


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