Can I sue someone for damages if they were already found guilty in criminal court?

If somebody’s already been found guilty in criminal court, you can still sue them for damages. The reason for that is really simple. When somebody’s found guilty in criminal court, that’s between the government and that person. It’s not between you and that person. So if the government get’s them convicted, maybe the person even gets sentenced to prison, whatever, that’s between the government and that person. There’s still a separate thing; the separate thing is whatever harm that person did to you individually. The only one you can ever get made whole for that is to sue the person who caused you the harm. You have every right to do it. Look at it this way, somebody owes a debt. Why? Because your property was destroyed, or your ability to earn a living was destroyed. There’s a debt to be paid, and somebody’s got to pay that debt. Before you sue the person who pays the debt? It’s you. If you sue that person, and they’re ordered to make you whole, then they have to pay the debt and it’s a debt that they created. What’s unfair about that?

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