Can I sue an apartment building owner for negligent security for a rape that occurred?

When you’re the victim of a crime in an apartment complex, there’s a really strong possibility that you can sue the apartment complex for the harm that you suffer. Why? Apartment complexes, whatever they said they were going to do for security, at a minimum, they have to do that.

Common example is: “Oh, this is a gated apartment complex community. We keep it safe because nobody can come in unless they live here and have a code to the gate.” Then, the apartment complex decides they’re going to leave the gate open all the time, for whatever reason. In that example, the apartment complex didn’t do what they said they were going to do. That’s not fair to the people who come to visit there and the people who’ve moved in there. If somebody’s a victim of a crime in an example like that, absolutely. You’re going to be able to sue that apartment complex.

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