What duties do business owners have to lock common entry way doors?

All business owners have got an obligation to keep common areas safe and to keep the whole facility reasonably safe for people who are visiting the facility or people who work in the facility. For doors that allow access from outside the building, those doors really should have locks on them, and the people who work in the building should be able to participate in their own security. If the building owner takes charge of the whole security apparatus and they do a lousy job at it, and somebody gets hurts because of a criminal act, that business owner is going to have some really hard questions to answer.


I was attacked in a dark parking lot. Is the owner responsible for my injuries and damages?

You’re attacked in a dark parking lot. The owner may very well be responsible for the injuries. Why? Because the parking lot was dark, and you’re attacked by a criminal. Why did the criminal choose that parking lot? Well, criminals choose places for their crimes where they think they can get away with it. If the parking lot is dark, that’s probably why they chose that parking lot. I’ll tell you this. It’s probably not the first time it’s happened. If you were the victim of a crime in a dark parking lot, very likely you’re going to have some rights against the owner of that parking lot.